The Benefits Of Ink Fingerprinting For Businesses

A person in blue gloves helps an applicant put their fingerprints into a document.

Different businesses require different uses of ink fingerprinting services. Whether it’s a doctor, realtor or nurse looking to get licensed out of state or aspiring foster parents submitting their fingerprints for a background check, they need fingerprinting done quickly. Having access to reliable ink fingerprinting can help these individuals and businesses conduct their fingerprinting swiftly and efficiently. 

Professional & Experienced Fingerprinting On-Call

When you need an efficient home fingerprint service, you can have your team members go off-site to have their fingerprints taken by professionals; however, it might not be the best use of your team’s time. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a mobile fingerprinting service come to your facility and use their fingerprint cards to get the job done?

Bringing a fingerprinting service to your home can help take the hassle out of getting fingerprints taken. Our team can come to you and eliminate the need to travel to get yours taken for a potential job, background check, or any other need 

Some fingerprinting companies focus solely on the digital aspects of fingerprinting, using a variety of live scan technology to get the necessary data. However, some industries are not equipped to handle the influx of new technology just yet. Having a team that still utilizes traditional ink fingerprinting methods can help you get your background checks done quickly and efficiently. 

How We Do It

To make the process as transparent as possible, we have tried and tested methods of taking a person’s prints that help streamline the mobile fingerprinting process. Our team uses traditional ink cards to keep a record of your unique fingerprints. We can also provide official FBI issue FD-258 Cards to take the background check fingerprints. 

Compared to fully digital methods of taking fingerprints, traditional ink fingerprinting provides you with a cheaper alternative. New Jersey government agencies and hospitals accept ink fingerprints for their background checks and hospital records. With the ink cards, you can take impressions of both thumbs on the same card without having to change anything out. 

Usually, you would have to go to a police station to have your fingerprints taken in the traditional ink way. However, due to COVID–19, these same police stations are no longer offering ink fingerprinting services. With the help of Trending Notary, you can have a professional fingerprinting service come to your home to handle the impressions you need to have taken. Our team comes right to your door to efficiently take your prints and send them where they need to go. Whether it’s for a government agency or a private hospital, we can help you get the information wherever it needs to go in a timely fashion. 

No matter what you need or what the fingerprints are taken for, having a mobile fingerprinting service that can come to your home or business can prove beneficial. We can also help you notarize loan documents from the comfort of your home!

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