Top Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Notary Public

Notary public putting a stamp on legal documents.

The world we live in requires the signing of important documents to be notarized to verify the facts listed within are truthful. For most of these documents, having the involved parties sign isn’t enough in the eyes of the law to meet this burden of proof — you need an official notary signing to verify the information. For most people, this means getting a notary involved in the proceedings. 

Wills, powers of attorney, loan forms, custody agreements, and many other critical documents remain essentially worthless unless a notary public has validated them. Many people encounter a problem when they need a notary to sign important papers: finding an NP nearest their location. Once you do find an NP, you have to schedule an appointment. Then, you and everyone involved in the document must go to the notary public’s office to swear under oath the information in the documents is truthful and correct.

Did you know there is an easier, quicker way to obtain authorization by a certified notary public without leaving your home or office? Trending Notary provides authorized remote 24/7 mobile notary public services across the country when you need them ASAP.

Why Hire a Mobile Notary Public?

When notarizing essential documents, having the physical presence of a notary helps make the process legitimate in the eyes of the law. Hiring a remote notary public to help with your document authorization needs helps ensure you don’t have to go to their physical location to perform the official notarization — they come to you.

In addition to reduced travel time on your part, using Union County, NJ’s, mobile notary for title services also help in the following ways: 

Emergency Notarizations

Powers of attorney, last-minute wills, guardianship agreements, affidavits, and other related documents often need immediate notarization by a notary public. A mobile notary public will come to your location to ensure that documents are appropriately signed and legally, whether at midnight or Sunday afternoon. Additionally, a mobile notary public will take documents to individuals who need to sign the papers but could not be at the emergency location.

Stop Searching Online for a Nearby Notary Public

Trending Notary gives you instant access to a licensed and bonded mobile notary public who will come to your location. Instead of spending too much time searching online for an NP who has specific work hours and an office to which you must travel, a visit to Trending Notary can help. You can enter the location you wish the NP to go to and have those critical documents quickly and affordably notarized on site.

Document Notarization at Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, or Physician Offices

The need for a mobile notary public to authorize the validity of wills, powers of attorney, or a signer’s mental capacity frequently occurs in health-related locations. Having access to a mobile notary public at such places not only reduces the stress of unexpected events but also gives you peace of mind that documents signed and notarized are accurate and legally binding.

A mobile notary service can help families already have difficulty handling the sudden changes in their loved one’s life by coming to them in their time of need. They don’t have to worry about the logistical hurdles that come with transporting their loved ones in their current state.

Trust Trending Notary With Your Notary Public Needs

Trending Notary is the nation’s leading provider of licensed mobile notary public agents. Visit our website to discover how simple it is to have documents notarized 24/7, seven days a week, at any location with the help of our traveling notary public in NJ!


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